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I am an ardent optimist and spread joy freely. My goal is to create a classroom where my students feel safe and have fun learning . I design lessons that INSPIRE, from my selections of the novel The Outsiders to the poem “The Road Not Taken”. It is my weekly quotes and teaching of Dead Poets Society that leave my students believing they can overcome life’s difficulties. I fill my bright corner of the world with laughter and optimism. I hope you feel that same joy here.

Fun, Fun, and more fun!

My class is heavy on the FUN factor! Students learn better when they’re having fun. They’re excited for class, eager to try anything, and brave enough to take risks . . . and classroom management becomes a non issue. So in my classroom we dress up as Greasers and Socs, and wear mustaches when we read Poe, use pasta when we learn quotation marks.

We even make our own Peanuts characters . . . and then dress like them. We make memes, speak in PUNS, and ring a bell when something is IRONIC. I even have a collections of quirky, and totally nerdy, t-shirts to coincide with my yearly lessons. Because when they students see that I’m having fun, it’s contagious!

The thing is I LOVE creating lessons!!! I spend hours on the internet scouring Pinterest, YouTube, WeVideo, Flipgrid, and Socrative, as well as Google Docs, Slides, Forms and Keep. I incorporate songs, song lyrics, art, cartoons, memes, films, and video shorts. Here’s a peek inside Room 210 with my original lessons, creative activities, quirky games . . . all of which I’ve assembled with love over the past 20+ years. Teaching is the one area in which I have complete confidence. I KNOW how to hook 8th graders, and my state scores prove that my teaching style is effective.


I was chosen as Smithfield Teacher of the Year, and become a finalist for Rhode Island Teacher of the Year. It validated the late nights, long weekends, blood, sweat, and tears that I put into my job. Teaching is my passion and the reason I was put on this planet, and the rewards come back to me tenfold. I always say, if you want to feel like a ROCK STAR, teach middle school!

Hello & Welcome

If you want to feel like a rock star, teach middle school! I'd love to share a snippet of what I've learned in my 20+ years of teaching... and what made me a finalist for Rhode Island Teacher of the Year. Read More

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